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"Enemy to those who make him an enemy.   Friend to those who have no friend."

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The Silk-Lined Burglar

Boston Blackie finds an ad in the newspaper for someone looking for a safecracker. He finds a beautiful but very nervous young woman, Doris Macon, that she needs the contents of a certain safe removed, and she is willing to pay him well for his efforts.

Studio: Universal Film Manufacturing
Release Date: March 31, 1919
Running Time: 72 minutes   B/W
Director: John Francis Dillon
Producer: Carl Laemmle
Cinematography: Jack Freulich
Screeplay: Fred Myton
Camerman: B. F. Reynolds
Production Dates: Not Available

RATING:   * *


Sam de Grasse as Boston Blackie
Priscilla Dean as Doris Macon
Ashton Deaholt as Robert Melchoir
Sam Appel as Michael Delano
Lillian West as Mary
Fred Kelsey as Captain von Hoffmeier

Silk Lined

Based on the Short Story: "Miss Doris, Safe-cracker" by Jack Boyle


Boston Blackie answers an ad in the newspaper from someone looking for an expert safecracker. He arranges a meeting, and the ad's writer turns out to be Doris Macon, a beautiful but very nervous young woman who claims a moral right to the safe's contents. Doris explains that she needs the contents of a certain safe removed, and she is willing to pay him well for his efforts. She hires Blackie, and they go to the house and break in. Blackie blows up the safe just as owner Captain von Hoffmeier returns home. As the safe's door is being blown off, Doris disappears with papers from inside the safe. The Captain, in a frenzy, dashes -- not to the safe, but to the gramophone, and as Blackie and Doris try to make their escape, Blackie snatches a handful of records and the needle. They are caught by secret service men, but it turns out Doris is the girlfriend of one of the men, Robert Melchoir. She was helping him get evidence on the safe's owner, who is under suspicion as a spy. The papers Doris took from the safe reveal nothing, but the records Blackie took, when played with that special needle, reveal government secrets that implicate von Hoffmeier as a German political spy. Blackie's talents are praised, and he goes to work for the government.

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