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"Enemy to those who make him an enemy.   Friend to those who have no friend."

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Boston Blackie Silent Movies

Blackie's Redemption

Boston Blackie is about to be married to Mary Dawson and he is determined to go straight. But he is
double-crossed by Fred the Count and winds up going to prison for a crime the Count committed.

Studio: Metro Pictures Corp.
Release Date: April 14, 1919
Running Time: 67 minutes   B/W
Director: John Ince
Producer: Maxwell Karger
Cinematography: Robert B. Kurrle
Screeplay: Finis Fox
Working Title (AKA) Out of the Depths
Working Title (AKA) Powers that Prey
Production Dates: Not Available

RATING:   * * *


Bert Lytell as Boston Blackie
Alice Lake as Mary Dawson
Henry Kolker as Fred the Count
Benard Durning as Sober Dent
Jack Duffy as The Dove
William Musgrave as Little Squirrel
Gertrude Short Baby Doll
Don Bailey Chief of Detectives
Wilton Taylor Detective Mackk
Ah Toy Chinese Waiter
Sidney Herbert The Warden


Based on two Short Stories: "Boston Blackie's Mary" and "Fred the Count" by Jack Boyle


The dapper jewel thief, Boston Blackie, is determined to go straight and is about to be married to Mary Dawson. At a celebration held on the eve of his marriage to Mary, he is double-crossed by Fred the Count when the Count plants a stolen jewel on Blackie. Blackie is arrested and sentenced to twenty years in jail. Framed by Fred and sent to jail for a crime the Count committed, but why? Fred the Count evidently has eyes for Mary as he tries to win Blackie's fiancee, but the honorable Mary rejects him. Blackie has to get out of prison to prove his innocence. Blackie figures his only hope for escape is from the prison hospital, so he manages to get into a weakened state to get admitted. He escapes from the hospital, but is trailed by the warden who tracks him down. Blackie refuses to shoot the defenseless man, and the warden recognizes Blackie as an honorable person and allows him to escape. Blackie then turns the tables on the Count by setting him up to get caught on a job. Fred the Count winds up in prison and Blackie and Mary travel far away to Honolulu to start their lives over again.

Bert Lytell WOF

Walk of Fame:

Bert Lytell has a star on the Walk of Fame in the Motion Pictures Category.
The address is 6439 Hollywood Blvd, between Cahuenga and Wilcox, north side, GPS 34.101725,-118.330174.

Bert Lytell

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