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"Enemy to those who make him an enemy.   Friend to those who have no friend."

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Boston Blackie Silent Movies

The Face in the Fog

Boston Blackie the dapper reformed jewel thief gets tangled up in the affairs of a Grand Duchess Tatiana and her friends who have escaped from Soviet Russia with some of the Romanoff jewels.

Studio: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: October 8, 1922
Running Time: 67 minutes   B/W
Director: Alan Crosland
Production Manager: John Lynch
Executive Producer: William Randolph Hearst
Cinematography: Ira H. Morgan, Harold Wenstrom
Screeplay: John Lynch
Production Dates: Not Available

RATING:   * * *


Lionel Barrymore as Boston Blackie
Mary MacLaren as Mary Dawson
Seena Owen as Grand Duchess Tatiana
Lowell Sherman as Count Alexis Orloff
George Nash as Huck Kant
Louis Wolheim as Petrus
Macey Harlam as Count Ivan
Gustav von Seyffertitz as Michael
Joe King as Deecive Wren
Tom Blake as Surtep
Marie Burke as Olga
Joseph W. Smiley as Police Captain
Martin Faust as Ivan's Valet
Mario Majeroni as Grand Duke Alexis

Fog Poster

Based on the Short Story: "The Face in the Fog" by Jack Boyle (May 1920 Cosmopolitan)


Boston Blackie, the dapper reformed jewel thief, gets tangled up in the affairs of a Grand Duchess Tatiana and her friends who have escaped from Soviet Russia with some of the Romanoff jewels and brought them to the United States for safety. The United States government is aware of the jewels and wants to get their hands on them. Worse yet is the renegade terrorist group led by Count Ivan and the revolutionist Petrus that also whats to get their hands on the jewels. A blind beggar gives Blackie the jewels and Blackie knows that he is being followed by the gang of terrorists, so until he can get them to their rightful owner, he places the jewels in a safe that's wired with electricity. Petrus and his associates trace the booty to Blackie's home and a vicious fight breaks out. But, when Petrus tries to open the safe, he is electrocuted. The terrorists are rounded up and Count Ivan is exposed as their leader. Blackie gives paste copies of the jewels to the U. S. Government, and returns the originals to Grand Duchess Tatiana and Count Orloff.

Lionel Barrymore WOF

Walk of Fame:

Lionel Barrymore has a star on the Walk of Fame in the Motion Pictures Category, Star Rank 464.
The address is 1752 Vine Street, between Hollywood and Yucca, east side, GPS 34.102760,-118.326551.

Lionel Barrymore

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