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Boston Blackie Silent Movies

Missing Millions

Boston Blackie succumbs to temptation and aids Mary Dawson, a professional thief, to rob valuable gold pieces that belong to Jim Franklin, the rat that sent her father to Sing Sing prison.

Studio: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: September 17, 1922
Running Time: 71 minutes   B/W
Director: Joseph Henabery
Producer: Jesse Lasky
Executive Producer: Adolph Zukor
Cinematography: Gilbert Warrenton
Screeplay: Albert S. Le Vino
Production Dates: Not Available

RATING:   * *


David Powell as Boston Blackie
Alice Brady as Mary Dawson
Frank Losee as Jim Franklin
Riley Hatch as Detective John Webb
John B. Cooke as Handsome Harry Hawks
William B. Mack as Thoms Dawson
George LeGuere as Daniel Regan
Alice May as Mrs Regan
H. Cooper Cliffe as Sir Arther Cumberland
Sydney Deane as Donald Gordon
Beverly Travers as Claire Dupont
Sidney Herbert as Frandk Garber

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Based on the Short Story: "A Problem in Grand Larceny"


Boston Blackie, a reformed criminal, is hired by society thief Mary Dawson to square accounts with Jim Franklin who sent her innocent father, Thomas Dawson, to Sing Sing prison. Franklin, a financier, violated a promise to drop his charges of theft against Dawson. Blackie and Mary team up to ruin the scoundrel financially. They steal some gold being shipped to Franklin to satisfy his creditors. However, Daniel Regan, the ship's purser who unwittingly aided Mary in her theft, is arrested and accused of the crime. Mary and Boston Blackie return the gold in order to clear Regan. However, before the gold is returned, and to avoid scandal, Jim Franklin commits suicide.

Brady and Powell
Brady and Powell -- Missing Millions

Alice Brady WOF

Walk of Fame:

Alice Brady has a star on the Walk of Fame in the Motion Pictures Category, Star Rank 1299.
The address is 6217 Hollywood Blvd, between Vista Del Mar and Argyle, north side, GPS 34.10157,-118.324995.

Alice Brady
David Powell WOF

Walk of Fame:

David Powell has a star on the Walk of Fame in the Motion Pictures Category, Star Rank 2190.
The address is 1689 Vine Street, between Hollywood and Selma, west side, GPS 34.101317,-118.326825.

David Powell

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