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"Enemy to those who make him an enemy.   Friend to those who have no friend."

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Boston Blackie Radio Series

In 1944, Blackie made his radio debut on NBC. This series was an outgrowth of the popular Boston Blackie movies. Chester Morris and Richard Lane brought to the radio the characters of Boston Blackie and Inspector Farraday. The series was originally a summer replacement for The Amos and Andy Show. It was scheduled to run from June 23, 1944 to September 15, 1944 for a total of thirteen episodes. The series turned out to be very popular and on April 11, 1945 it returned to the air in its own time slot on NBC. This time the star was Richard Kollmar who played Blackie, Lesley Woods and Jan Miner played Mary Wesley, Maurice Tarplin, Richard Lane and Frank Orth did duty as Inspector Farraday, Shorty was played by Tony Barrett.

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January 2, 1949 to December 31, 1949 (NBC)
Syndicated by ZIV
Sponsor: Rinso Soap
Starring Richard Kollmar as Boston Blackie
Maurice Tarplin, Richard Lane and Frank Orth as Inspector Farraday
Also starring Jan Minor as Mary Wesley and Tony Barrett as Shorty.

1949 Episodes

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NBC-BLUE Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:00pm

"Disappearing Fourth Floor" - Episode 195 - 01/05/49

Disappearing Fourth Floor

Episode 195 - 01/05/49

AKA: "Disappearing Gambling Den"

First line: “Here's the place, Blackie, I'm sure of it.”

Blackie’s friend, the wealthy Charlie Kingston, is cheated at King Douglas’ gambling den which is on the fourth floor of a warehouse building. Kingston gets Blackie to help him retrieve his money, but by the time they return to the building an hour later, the gambling den has disappeared. The top floor of the building is empty! So they stake out Charlie’s bank the next morning to see who cashes Charlie’s check. Blackie tries to get his money back, but is knocked out by Arnie, Douglas’ henchman. Later, Arnie tries to cut himself in for a larger percentage and gets shot. Blackie forces Harry Blaine who originally took Charlie to the gambling den to show him how to get there.

"Broken Clock Murder" - Episode 196 - 01/12/49

Broken Clock Murder

Episode 196 - 01/12/49

AKA: "Harry Baker is Killed"

First line: “Well, then, how about lunch tomorrow, Faraday?”

Harry Baker pays Blackie $5,000 to let him sleep over in Blackie’s apartment. The next morning he wants to know the time, but all the clocks are broken. He is in a panic to leave and is shot to death outside the apartment. The Club Simpson, owned by Edgar Simpson, is for sale and Baker had an option to buy the club, but had to buy it by 9:00. The other potential purchaser and hence murder suspect is Joey Wall. Actually, Simpson has his stooge Herkimer kill Baker so he can take the higher offer. There's a shootout at the end in Simpson's office, and Faraday outshoots Herkimer after overhearing Simpson and Herkimer admit to the Baker killing. Dorothy Kilgallen (Dick Kollmar’s real life wife) is in the club at Blackie's invitation to get the story (at a time when she can scoop the morning papers) as a reward for the crucial information about the amount Wall was going to pay for the club (which came to Kilgallen from Simpson's press agent, Frankie Brown).

"A Boat, the Viking, Is On Montgomery Street With a Body In It" - Episode 197 - 01/19/49

A Boat, the Viking, Is On Montgomery Street With a Body In It

Episode 197 - 01/19/49

AKA: "Boat in the Street" - "The 'High and Dry' Murder"

First line: “If any more calls come in, hand 'em to Sgt. Matthews. I'm busy.”

A dead body is found on a boat, the Viking, in the middle of Montgomery Street. It is a stunt to publicize the movie "High and Dry". But the body turns out to be the director of the movie, Eduardo Bernetti. This one's so weird that Faraday wants Blackie to solve it.

"The John Frawley Imposter Murder" - Episode 198 - 01/26/49

The John Frawley Imposter Murder

Episode 198 - 01/26/49

AKA: "Unknown Man"
"John Frawley, While In Africa, Reads That He Is Dead"

First line: “I wonder what the natives are up to now, John.”

John Frawley reads a newspaper while in Africa and finds out he has been reported as dead. His brother Eddie is trying to grab all the money. Frawley wants Blackie to help him prove who he is. Before he can talk to Frawley's old nurse, Martha Blake, she is murdered. The butler Charles is killed as well.

"The Five-Note Murder Clue" - Episode 199 - 02/02/49

The Five-Note Murder Clue

Episode 199 - 02/02/49

AKA: "Tin Pan Alley Murder" - "Murder in the Music Room"
"Mary Asks Blackie To Get Her Cousin's Song Published"

First line: “Well, Bill, what about it? Got an idea for the lyric yet?”

Mary wants Blackie to intercede with Joe Hendricks to have one of her cousin's songs published. But one of Hendricks' song writing team, Dick Alton of Alton and Rutley, gets shot. Mrs. Mary Rutley is being held for suspicion, but Faraday releases her.

"The Paul Martin Murders" - Episode 200 - 02/09/49

The Paul Martin Murders

Episode 200 - 02/09/49

AKA: "Paul Martin Disappears From Roof"
"$50,000 In Bonds To Be Divided"

First line: “(laughing) Whitey?” “Yeah, Gabbo.” “Where's Paul?”

Paul Martin, who was holding $50,000 in bonds that are to be split among his gang, disappears from rooftop, and is found ten miles away with five bullets in him. That leaves Gabbo and Whitey to split the loot. Except Martin left a clue, "pepper and salt."

"Fred Palmer’s Dock Racket" - Episode 201 - 02/16/49

Fred Palmer’s Dock Racket

Episode 201 - 02/16/49

AKA: "The Waterfront Racket" - "Death on Pier 37"

First line: “Nobody gets to work on this dock without an OK from Fred Palmer.”

Crime boss Fred Palmer runs the Waterfront Rackets, dice, card games & horse rooms. When Stevedore Chuck Sloan is found dead on Pier 37, Blackie cancels his vacation cruise to get something on Fred Palmer. In talking to Sloan’s replacement, Sam Crawford, Blackie learns that every dock worker pays off Palmer. Everyone but Sloan, and now he’s dead and Crawford, who also hasn’t paid off, is worried. Police reports reveal that the rope holding the crate that killed Sloan was cut with a sharp instrument. Blackie goes to talk to Palmer but instead meets Foghorn Morton, Palmer’s partner. In a back room at Maggie’s Place, a waterfront diner, Morton is cheated of his 50% cut but Palmer. When Blackie breaks up the tender moment, a struggle ensues but Blackie is knocked out. Blackie and Faraday agree to meet at Palmer’s hideout but find him shot to death. Walking the docks with Maggie, Blackie is barely missed by a crate smashing into a derrick. But Blackie finally nabs the killer in a shootout and scuffle in the dark at Palmer’s hideout.

"Archie Grant's Club 77" - Episode 202 - 02/23/49

Archie Grant's Club 77

Episode 202 - 02/23/49

AKA: "Jackpot at Club 77" - "The Phony Rescue Mission Racket"

First line: “Come on, come on, come on, Charlie. Enough already with that crazy slot machine.”

Danny Jackson, collection man for Archie Grant's slot machine racket, double-crosses his boss and says he has been held up and $25,000 stolen. Danny actually secrets the money in a subway locker and gives the key to his girlfriend, Cindy Beauregard, who then promptly loses the key in a slot machine at Grant's Club 77. Blackie gets to use his new recording machine to get proof against Grant.

"Fake Accident Racket" - Episode 203 - 03/02/49

Fake Accident Racket

Episode 203 - 03/02/49

AKA: "Polk Street Mission" - "The Phony Accident Racket"

First line: “Blackie?” “What, uh? What's the matter, Mary?” “Oh oh oh, you were a million miles away.”

Frosty the newsboy insists Blackie read an issue of the Sentinel that reports a phony accident. Gunther Stephens is observed jumping into the path of a car and banging on the door to fake an accident. The Polk Street Mission turns out to be a front for a racket. Blackie enters the mission as Buddy Smith to find out what's happening. Sister Dolores and Brother Harry of the mission are making money in very unorthodox ways.

"The Dolly Preston Murder" - Episode 204 - 03/09/49

The Dolly Preston Murder

Episode 204 - 03/09/49

AKA: "Dolly Preston Calls for Help, Says She's Going To Be Killed"
"Dead Woman's $600,000" - "Missing Caller"

First line: “Now, Blackie, this is the house.” “I hope we're in time, Mary.”

Dolly Preston staged her own death three years ago and hid $600,000 in loot in her house. She had a secret room in the house and hoped to get away with the dough she should have split with tough guy Fred Blake and the rest of the gang. But she gets killed and Blackie gets shot, and they all end up down in the wine cellar.

"Blackie Kidnaps A Murdererer" - Episode 205 - 03/16/49

Blackie Kidnaps A Murdererer

Episode 205 - 03/16/49

AKA: "Kidnapped Murderer"

First line: “Come on, Martin, talk.” “Inspector, take that light out...”

Blackie grabs Bugs Martin from Faraday at gunpoint and spirits him away from headquarters where Martin was being questioned for the murder of gangster, Joe Williams. Blackie is intending to force the truth out of Martin, but instead, Happy Thompson and Luke Brown, two of the Williams gang, knock Blackie out and abscond with and kill Martin. Faraday throws Blackie in jail where Blackie has to solve the case with Mary's help. Mary makes Luke's girlfriend, Marge Stone, jealous by coming on to Luke.

"Charity Gambling Racket" - Episode 206 - 03/23/49

Charity Gambling Racket

Episode 206 - 03/23/49

AKA: "The Crooked Charity Ring Murders"

First line: “Ah, Smitty, do come in.” “Hi, Boss. I must show you what I bought today.”

Fancy Dan Carpenter -- named for his love of perfumes -- is running a crooked roulette game for charity events, one of which Mary has put her name to. The police catch Hobo Jennings, Carpenter's henchman, and try to squeeze the name of the boss out of him. When he's let go by the police, he runs to Carpenter for safety, only to have Fancy Dan shoot him for his troubles. Blackie investigates and recognizes the handiwork on the trick roulette wheels as that of Pappy Bryant.

"Amadon Pearls" - Episode 207 - 03/30/49

Amadon Pearls

Episode 207 - 03/30/49

AKA: "The Amadon Pearls Murder"

First line: “Say, Gimpy. Yeah, yeah, Doc, yeah. How much do you think those Amidon pearls are worth?”

Old Man Mario puts out the word in the newspapers that he will be storing his priceless Amadon Pearls in his safe over night. Blackie decides to steal the pearls to teach Mario a lesson, but the pearls he steals are cheap paste, as are two other sets of pearls, one stolen by Marsha Keegan and her accomplice, Gurtie, and the other by Doc Singer. Gimpy the Fence gets killed into the bargain and the real Amadon Pearls -- well, you guessed it, they get stolen too.

"Duke Murders Jojo" - Episode 208 - 04/06/49

Duke Murders Jojo

Episode 208 - 04/06/49

AKA: "Duke Branson Kills Jojo Thomas"
"The Harry Clark Mob Murders"

First line: “There. That opened it.”

Jojo Thomas fears for his life from Duke Branson, both being members of Harry Clark's mob. Jojo goes to Blackie for help, but Blackie knows Branson is safely in jail. But by the next day, Jojo has indeed been killed. Fred Benton, one of Clark's men, has been spreading the word that Duke's girlfriend, Mona Martin, has been making time with Jojo. Actually, it is Mona and Clark that are now a number. Blackie knows it had to be Duke who killed Jojo and gets himself locked up in jail to prove it.

"The Tiny Philip Murders" - Episode 209 - 04/13/49

The Tiny Philip Murders

Episode 209 - 04/13/49

AKA: "Stone, Jewelry Store Owner is Killed for a Watch"
"Second Hand Watch"

First line: “Cora, my pet.” “Yes, Philip.” “Are you sure that this is...”

Tiny Philip and his accomplice Cora Neal shoot a jewelry store owner just to get Blackie's watch which was in for repair. Then Cora steals Blackie's gun. Later, Danny Chino, Philip's old robbery partner, is found dead with his gun and watch planted on the scene. Faraday goes after Blackie and ends up in a closet, and the fun really begins.

"Madam Zina, Fortune Teller" - Episode 210 - 04/20/49

Madam Zina, Fortune Teller

Episode 210 - 04/20/49

AKA: "Fortune Teller Sees Death"
"Madame Zina Murdered In A Monkey Costume"

First line: “Gee, Blackie, every time the carnival comes to town...”

Mary and Blackie go to the carnival, and Madam Zena, the fortune teller, foretells death and that Blackie will be right in the middle of it. Meanwhile, Cooper, the pickpocket, threatens Rhoda, who dresses up in a monkey costume in the show. Deadly events occur that also involve the carney owner, a deaf man named Flint.

"Dynamite Thompson and Jack Morgan, Contractors" - Episode 211 - 04/27/49

Dynamite Thompson and Jack Morgan, Contractors

Episode 211 - 04/27/49

AKA: "Dynamite Thompson"

First line: “Hey, Morgan.” “Yeah?” “Jack Morgan.” “Wait a minute.”

Dynamite Thompson keeps losing bids for contracting jobs to Jack Morgan who seems to know Dynamite's bid before it is submitted. Dynamite is shot in his office, but Morgan has an alibi -- until Sloan and Palmer, with whom he claims to have spent the evening, are found shot and pushed off a cliff. Morgan accuses another contractor, Paul Brent, of having framed Morgan.

"Joe Gates Murdered on Chinatown Sightseeing Tour" - Episode 212 - 05/04/49

Joe Gates Murdered on Chinatown Sightseeing Tour

Episode 212 - 05/04/49

AKA: "Dynamite Thompson" - "Chinatown Murders" - "Joe Gates Murdered"

First line: “All right, folks, here we are. The high spot...”

Beezy Jones stabs Joe Gates to death on a sightseeing bus. Then Jones tries to blackmail Boss Slocum, owner of an auction house, who had him do the job. But Slocum kills Beezy and throws his body in the river in a barrel. Blackie searches the auction house and finds lots of blood, and Mary gets green paint on her sleeve.

"Charlie Has Johnny Give Information On the Senator To Blackie" - Episode 213 - 05/11/49

Charlie Has Johnny Give Information On the Senator To Blackie

Episode 213 - 05/11/49

AKA: "Nobody at the Door" - "Nothing Up My Sleeve "
"Information on Senator"

First line: “Oh, Mary.” “Blackie, what are you doing home on such a gorgeous day?”

Charlie Evans, a small time racketeer, wants to take over from criminal kingpin, James Martin, alias The Senator. Evans sends his stooge, Johnnie Hastings, with an envelop full of proof of the Senator's wrong doings to leave at Blackie's apartment door. But Johnnie double-crosses Evans and takes the papers to The Senator and tries to blackmail him. The senator shoots Johnnie. Then The Senator kills Evans and his girlfriend Ginger.

"Imperial Oil Company Racket" - Episode 214 - 05/18/49

Imperial Oil Company Racket

Episode 214 - 05/18/49

AKA: "Female Torpedo" - "Phony Stock Scheme"
"Promoters Hire Olivia To Get Rid of Blackie"

First line: “Hold still!” “Let go of me, let go!” “Hold still.”

The Count -- who is allergic to flowers -- and his gang are running a phoney Imperial Oil stock swindle. Smitty put Blackie onto the scam and gets killed for his effort. The Count hires Olivia Barton to kill Blackie. Mary and some flowery perfume save the day.

"Blackie, Mary, and The Canyon Resort Murders" - Episode 215 - 05/25/49

Blackie, Mary, and The Canyon Resort Murders

Episode 215 - 05/25/49

AKA: "Canyon City Dude Ranch"
"Blackie and Mary Go to Canyon Dude Ranch to Investigate Tom's Disappearance"

First line: “Go ahead, Henry.” “Yes, Agatha.” “What's the total?”

Agatha Canyon and her brother Henry are running a lonely hearts racket at the Canyon Dude Ranch. Catherine Sloane suspects something is wrong at the ranch when her boyfriend Tom disappears. Soon Tom's friend Slim also disappears. Blackie and Mary register at the ranch as Bud Benton and Mary Winters to investigate. They go looking for a button for Blackie's coat, but what they find brings down the curtain on a murderer.

"Pudgy and the Stolen Car and Tire Racket" - Episode 216 - 06/01/49

Pudgy and the Stolen Car and Tire Racket

Episode 216 - 06/01/49

AKA: "Blackie Steals Motorcycle" - "Stolen Tires and Cars"

First line: “Black, we're losing him.” “No, Mary, I was just easing up a bit.”

Blackie and Mary are trailing Pudgy Williams who is involved in a stolen tire racket. Pudgy throws tacks on the road and Blackie has a flat. He grabs a defective motorcycle and resumes the chase, but crashes into a tree and lands in the hospital. When he gets out, he follows through on the information he got listening in on a phone call made by the Duchess putting in an order for hot tires. This leads him to Duchess and Cyclone's garage, and into more trouble.

"The Ma Vie Perfume Company Murders" - Episode 217 - 06/08/49

The Ma Vie Perfume Company Murders

Episode 217 - 06/08/49

AKA: "Ma Vie Perfume" - Buy a Cat, Save a Life" - "Phony Perfume"

First line: “Well, well, how do you do, Miss? Now what can I do for you?”

Jack Howard and Pete Right are working a perfume racket. Pete kills Pierre Francoise, the perfume salesman and then disguised as M. Francoise he sells stolen goods. Rose Barton, one of the gang, is found dead -- and her cat's neck is rung. It happens that Pete is animal phobic. A real mystery.

"The Professor and Rufus Blow A Bank Safe" - Episode 218 - 06/15/49

The Professor and Rufus Blow A Bank Safe

Episode 218 - 06/15/49

AKA: "I Planned It That Way" - "The Professor"

First line: “Quickly, Rufus, into the alley.”

Elaborately planned bank robbery. Safe blown, night watchman killed.

"Unkown" - Episode 219 - 06/22/49


Episode 219 - 06/22/49

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unkown”


"Unkown" - Episode 220 - 06/29/49


Episode 220 - 06/29/49

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unkown”


No new Boston Blackie shows known to exist beyond this point.
Following time slots filled with replays of broadcast episodes.

"No Known New Episodes" - Episode 221 to 246 - 07/06/49 to 12/28/49

No Known New Episodes

Episode 221 to 246 - 07/06/49 to 12/28/49

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unkown”

No new Boston Blackie shows known to exist beyond this point.

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