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"Enemy to those who make him an enemy.   Friend to those who have no friend."

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Boston Blackie Radio Series

In 1944, Blackie made his radio debut on NBC. This series was an outgrowth of the popular Boston Blackie movies. Chester Morris and Richard Lane brought to the radio the characters of Boston Blackie and Inspector Farraday. The series was originally a summer replacement for The Amos and Andy Show. It was scheduled to run from June 23, 1944 to September 15, 1944 for a total of thirteen episodes. The series turned out to be very popular and on April 11, 1945 it returned to the air in its own time slot on NBC. This time the star was Richard Kollmar who played Blackie, Lesley Woods and Jan Miner played Mary Wesley, Maurice Tarplin, Richard Lane and Frank Orth did duty as Inspector Farraday, Shorty was played by Tony Barrett.

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January 8, 1946 to December 31, 1946 (NBC)
Syndicated by ZIV
Sponsor: Rinso Soap
Starring Richard Kollmar as Boston Blackie
Maurice Tarplin, Richard Lane and Frank Orth as Inspector Farraday
Also starring Jan Minor as Mary Wesley and Tony Barrett as Shorty.

1946 Episodes

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NBC-BLUE Thursdays 7:30 - 8:00pm

"The Sword Swallower" - Episode 38 - 01/03/46

The Sword Swallower

Episode 38 - 01/03/46

AKA: "Carnival Murders"

First line: “And now, ladies and gentlemen, for the eighth wonder...”

Blackie & Mary attend a carnival when Lillian, the sword swallower, is murdered. Bob Hendricks is suspected, but Mary finds him dead. Jackson, the carnival owner, gets conked on the head, and Mabel, the bearded lady, turns out to be a man!

NBC-BLUE Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:00pm

"Harlin Escapes - Episode 39 - 01/08/46

Harlin Escapes

Episode 39 - 01/08/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknown”

Contents of this episode are unknown.

"The Lost Woman - Episode 40 - 01/15/46

The Lost Woman

Episode 40 - 01/15/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknown”

Contents of this episode are unknown.

"The Disappearing Body" - Episode 41 - 01/22/46

The Disappearing Body

Episode 41 - 01/22/46

AKA: "Body in Blackie's Dining Room"

First line: “Sorry the movie was so bad, Mary.”

After a movie, Blackie & Mary go back to Blackie's apartment to find it locked. The dining room doors are closed and Blackie tells Mary not to look behind them. When she does she finds a man's body. Charlie Kingston urgently calls Blackie asking him to come over. Blackie arrives but finds out that Kingston hasn't been in town for three weeks. Later, Farraday calls on Blackie, and strolls around the apartment looking for a wounded man and a stolen pearl necklace with a ruby clasp. To Blackie's surprise he doesn't find a body. Blackie jokingly suggests Farraday search the safe for the necklace, where to his surprise, Farraday finds the necklace.

"The John Williams Inheritance Case" - Episode 42 - 01/29/46

The John Williams Inheritance Case

Episode 42 - 01/29/45

AKA: "Farraday Needs Blackie's Help" - "Jim Williams Case"
"Mrs. Williams Killed"

First line: “Order! Order in the court! If there's another such outburst, I'll clear the courtroom.”

Blackie's Help; Jim Williams Case; Mrs. Williams Killed) (#42) 01/29/46 John Bernard says he witnessed his cousin, Jim Williams, murder his wife. But on the witness stand, he admits he lied because he was beaten by Inspector Farraday. The DA gets a recess and gives Farraday 48 hours to find out why he lied, or lose his badge. Farraday goes to Blackie for help.

"The Brandon Jewel Robbery" - Episode 43 - 02/05/46

The Brandon Jewel Robbery

Episode 43 - 02/05/46

AKA: "Jeweller Brandon Murdered"

First line: “Blackie, you're a creature of habit.”

Blackie is addressed as Mr. Peterkin by a restauranteur and a cab driver. Mary asks him to buy a watch for her cousin at Brandon Jewelers. Sam Brandon waits on him and also insists Blackie is Mr. Peterkin. Blackie must force him to take the $90 for the watch. An hour later Mary finds Brandon dead in his store. Blackie must discover the reason for the ruse and solve the crimes.

"The Condon Ransom" - Episode 44 - 02/12/46

The Condon Ransom

Episode 44 - 02/12/46

AKA: "Marjorie Condon Kidnapped"

First line: “Dad? Dad, where are you?”

Harry Condon arrives at Blackie's apartment asking for help in finding his wife, Marjorie. Her kidnappers are asking for $50,000 from her father, Mr. White. Blackie agrees to make the drop & gets Farraday's agreement of no police involvement. But Blackie drops a note to the kidnappers and keeps the money!

"Harry Benson Murders His Wife" - Episode 45 - 02/19/46

Harry Benson Murders His Wife

Episode 45 - 02/19/46

AKA: "Benson Murder" - "Harry Benson's Wife" - "Mrs. Benson Killed"

First line: “Don't look so surprised, Mona.”

Harry Benson shoots his wife, Mona, to death but is acquitted of her murder. Her brother, John Jellison, asks Farraday & Blackie to find more evidence with which to re-try him. Even though he cannot be re-tried, Blackie decides to try to help.

"A Vase Leads To Murder" - Episode 46 - 02/26/46

A Vase Leads To Murder

Episode 46 - 02/26/46

AKA: "Auction Man in the Green Hat" - "The Man In the Green Hat"

First line: “What am I bid for this gorgeous piece of hand-painted pottery?”

Blackie outbids a man in a green hat for a vase Mary wants at an auction. When he shows up at Blackie's, he tries to coerce Blackie to turn over the vase. Blackie sends the vase to Mary by messenger, who arrives wounded and dies. X-rays show the vase has no value. Fingerprints prove the man in the green hat is Frank Kittridge, a bank robber.

"Tom Evers Murder With an Alibi” - Episode 47 - 03/05/46

Tom Evers Murder With an Alibi

Episode 47 - 03/05/46

AKA: "Jail Alibi" - "Tom Evers Is Killed"
"The Tom Evers Murder"

First line: “You want to answer the door, Mary?”

ohn Blake challenges Blackie that he will kill Thomas Evers and Blackie will never be able to prove it. Sure enough, when Bill Johnson calls Evers at 8:30 to invites him to lunch, he hears Evers shot. At the same time, Blake is 25 miles away talking to the desk sergeant at a precinct house. Yet Blake's gun, fingerprints and footprint are found at the scene of the crime. It looks like the perfect murder to everyone but Blackie. First line: “You want to answer the door, Mary?”

"The Li Chow Murder" - Episode 48 - 03/12/46

The Li Chow Murder

Episode 48 - 03/12/46

AKA: "The Color Blind Accomplice"- "Lee Chow Murdered"

First line: “Some traffic jam, eh, driver?”

Blackie is warned by color blind Carol Ward not to dine at Lee Chow's. When he does, he discovers the owner, Lee Chow, murdered and he & Mary the only patrons. Furthermore, he has been framed by the killer.

"The Worthington Ghost - Episode 49 - 03/19/46

The Worthington Ghost

Episode 49 - 03/19/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Hello. Blackie? Shorty, how are you? When did you get back in town?”

Shorty has just been released from jail and is headed back to see Blackie when he finds a hysterical woman who claims to have seen a ghost. Shorty takes the girl to Blackie's where Mary puts her to bed. She turns out to be Madeline Burns, Mrs. Worthington's maid. Blackie interviews Margaret Worthington, the famous concert pianist, who says the maid is always seeing things. Blackie returns home to find Madeline dead and then gets a phone call from Mrs. Worthington who is also in a state of hysterics after seeing a ghost. Mrs. Worthington's nephew, Ernest Cleland, shows up on the scene after Blackie and Mary go there to help the frightened pianist. The ghost situation has Farraday tied up in knots!

"Pierre, The Designer" - Episode 50 - 03/26/46

Pierre, The Designer

Episode 50 - 03/26/46

AKA: "Olsen Safe Robbed"

First line: “Oh, Blackie, what a beautiful dress on that model!”

Blackie and Mary attend Pierre's fashion show. Pierre buttonholes Blackie and admits that he is really a guy named Joe. The next morning Roger Olsen discovers his safe has been robbed of $25,000 in cash and a $50,000 IOU from the phoney Pierre. Farraday suspects Blackie of the safe job and takes him to see Pierre. But Pierre is found dead. Farraday tries to arrest Blackie, but Blackie has other ideas -- like finding evidence against the real murderer. And there is the problem of the beautiful and oh so cold secretary Miss. Marian Thompson.

"Murder on the Trapeze" - Episode 51 - 04/02/46

Murder on the Trapeze

Episode 51 - 04/02/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknown”

A childhood friend of Mary Wesley is a trapeze artist who thinks that she is about to be murdered.

"Murder on Cedar Street" - Episode 52 - 04/09/46

Murder on Cedar Street

Episode 52 - 04/09/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknown”

A girl phones Blackie and says that she is about to be killed. Blackie hurries to the rescue only to discover that it appears that the girl was right. She is dead.

"Baseball Player Murder" - Episode 53 - 04/16/46

Baseball Player Murder

Episode 53 - 04/16/46

AKA: "Baseball Scam"

First line: “Hey, Lefty, Lefty, come here a minute.”

Jimmy Saunders is into gambler Ruly Carter for $50,000. Carter offers to drop the debt if Jimmy will introduce his brother, sensational rookie baseball player Slamming Sammy Saunders, to Catherine Gray. Joe Ash is killed by Carter, but there is evidence against Blackie. Blackie suspects Carter wants to get Sammy to throw ball games.

"The Stolen Car Ring" - Episode 54 - 04/23/46

The Stolen Car Ring

Episode 54 - 04/23/46

AKA: "Mary's Stolen Car"

First line: “Your move, Harry.” “OK, Bill, let's see you get away...”

Mary's car is stolen and to prevent it being identified, the engine from a wreck swapped with hers. The car is then sold. Tom, the mechanic who did the work asks for more money for the job, and is shot to death by his boss, Mr. Morton. Blackie and Mary then see Mary's car, complete with scratched and dented rear fender on the road. They force the driver to the curb, but he gets away on foot. They drive the car back to town where Blackie and Farraday find that the engine has been swapped.

"The Francis Fielding Murder" - Episode 55 - 04/30/46

The Francis Fielding Murder

Episode 55 - 04/30/46

AKA: "Dr. Allen Accused of Murder;" - "Fielding Murder"

First line: “Operator. Operator, get me the police. One moment please.”

Francis Fielding is found murdered, and her shrink, Dr. Lester Allen, is being accused of the crime by Farraday. But Blackie knows the good doctor and thinks he's being framed. Francis' brother Roger Fielding is involved, and of course there's that damning diary.

"The Winthrop Jewel Robbery" - Episode 56 - 05/07/46

The Winthrop Jewel Robbery

Episode 56 - 05/07/46

AKA: "Winthrop Diamond Theft"

First line: “Hey, Blackie. Yes. Blackie. Come on, wake up.”

Blackie is retained by Mr. Barnes, an insurance investigator, to solve the mystery of the disappearing diamonds from Winthrop Jewelry Company. Mr. Van Houten, Mr. Glass, and Mr. Aldrich set diamonds on the 12th floor, which overlooks the river. The men are searched when they leave, yet each day another diamond is stolen. Blackie must work undercover to try to solve the crime but the case turns deadly when Mr. Barnes is murdered.

"Merry-Go-Round Murder" - Episode 57 - 05/14/46

Merry-Go-Round Murder

Episode 57 - 05/14/46

AKA: "Millionaire Murdered"

First line: “Oh, Blackie, this is the life. Alone with you and a hansom cab at 2 AM.”

Mary and Blackie are out in the park late one night and find John Van Dorn dead on the merry-go-round. Pete Carson, the carousel owner is suspected, but he too ends up dead on his own carousel. Then of course there is Mrs. Van Dorn and her lawyer, Harry Wilcox.

"The Blaine Brothers' Pawn Shop" - Episode 58 - 05/21/46

The Blaine Brothers' Pawn Shop

Episode 58 - 05/21/46

AKA: "Paul Blaine Murdered"

First line: “I don't see what you're complaining about, John.”

John and Paul Blaine have an argument. Paul calls Blackie and wants help with $1,000 and a diamond that may be stolen property. He entrusts the diamond to Blackie's care. Blackie goes to see Blaine, but then Blaine is shot. Farraday gets a tipoff that Blackie was at Blaine's place at the time of the killing. Blackie denies the killing, and. -- will wonders never cease? -- Farraday believes him!

"The Escaped Prisoner" - Episode 59 - 05/28/46

The Escaped Prisoner

Episode 59 - 05/28/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Now listen, you guys.”

Mike Harlan, whom Blackie sent to prison, makes a jail break and goes directly to Blackie's apartment. Inspector Farraday gets a tip and gets there to find Harlan holding a gun on Blackie. Blackie then takes Mary to a waterfront dive, where Harlan's daughter, Gladys, is working. Blackie suspects she has joined a gang of crooks led by Joe, her boss.

"Three Witnesses to Will Killed" - Episode 60 - 06/04/46

Three Witnesses to Will Killed

Episode 60 - 06/04/46

AKA: "Old Man Graham's Will"

First line: “No, Dr. Austin, I just won't believe it.”

Old Man Graham dies and his granddaughter confronts Ed Barnes, whom she suspects killed him even though medical records state his death was due to heart failure. Meanwhile, Farraday has his hands full trying to solve three murders that occurred within one hour - all having the same characteristics but occurring in different parts of town. Blackie enlists a dentist to solve the puzzle.

"The Disappearing Plane" - Episode 61 - 06/11/46

The Disappearing Plane

Episode 61 - 06/11/46

AKA: "The Stolen Plane"

First line: “Yeah?” “Boston, calling Inspector Farraday.” “I'm Inspector Farraday.”

Bill Barnes kills Mr. Barton and gives the gun to Gus Johnson for safekeeping. Blackie tracks Johnson to Boston where he steals the gun from Johnson's apartment, airmails it to Farraday and leaves. But Blackie's plane from Boston never arrives and in checking the passenger list, it is discovered that Blackie was the sole passenger!

"The Hooded Gang Protection Racket" - Episode 62 - 06/18/46

The Hooded Gang Protection Racket

Episode 62 - 06/18/46

AKA: "The Stolen Plane"

First line: “All right, men, I'll tell you why we're meeting here.”

An extortion gang is terrorizing shopkeepers. Blackie lends Ernie Howard $5000 to give to one of the gangsters to keep his wife from being killed. Blackie and Mary follow the gangster's car when he leaves, but the gangster loses control of his car and has a fatal accident. Blackie finds a motel key at the scene which he uses to get into the gangster's room, which leads to him impersonating the dead man at the next meeting of the Hooded Gang.

"Gambler Joe Garland Killed" - Episode 63 - 06/25/46

Gambler Joe Garland Killed

Episode 63 - 06/25/46

AKA: "Sibling Rivalry"

First line: “You're Joe Garland? Yes, I am.” “You're Boston Blackie, aren't you?”

Crazy old Mr. Wilson wants to give his three heirs money before he dies. He sends them each a broken slab of flagstone and tells them that he will pay anyone who shows up with a stone. Joe Garland gets one of the stones, and is immediately killed. And Blackie wants to find out the killer before someone else dies.

"Uncle Frank Murdered by Joe Parker" - Episode 64 - 07/02/46

Uncle Frank Murdered by Joe Parker

Episode 64 - 07/02/46

AKA: "Missing a Day"

First line: “Why, it's Joe. How are you?”

Joe Parker kills Uncle Frank Miller on Tuesday, but sets up a beautiful alibi. Farraday knows Parker did it, but can't prove it. Trouble is Aunt Margaret swears he was in her apartment all day Tuesday fixing her pipes. And Blackie has to break his alibi.

"The Skating Rink Murders" - Episode 65 - 07/09/46

The Skating Rink Murders

Episode 65 - 07/09/46

AKA: "Dead Girls and $50,000 Ring; Ice Rink Murder"

First line: “Mary, please, I feel gay enough on these skates...”

Mary and Blackie go to the skating rink and are having a lovely time. A woman screams, and they find a girl, Jane Carter, strangled. Not only that, but the killer put a $50,000 ring on her finger -- thus proving he was no cheap skate!

"The Murdered Truck Driver" - Episode 66 - 07/16/46

The Murdered Truck Driver

Episode 66 - 07/16/46

AKA: "The Linda Crane Case"

First line: “Anything else, fellows? Naw, that'll be all for me...”

Mark Crane, a truck driver, and his truck is hi-jacked. The dead driver's wife comes to Blackie for help. Farraday investigates and is interviewing Mr. Green, the trucking company owner, when Blackie pops in through the window. Joe Baxter is the foreman and chief dispatcher. Funny thing is, the truck was empty.

"The Murdering Cuckoo Clock" - Episode 67 - 07/23/46

The Murdering Cuckoo Clock

Episode 67 - 07/23/46

AKA: "The Murdering Clock"

First line: “Let me see, now. Why, no, young lady...”

The son of a kindly old clock-smith designs clocks that cuckoo and kill. But he ends up dead as well and Farraday puts the old clock-smith in the jug. Did he do it? Only Blackie has the key.

"Mutiny Leads to Murder Aboard the Freighter Swan" - Episode 68 - 07/30/46

The Murdering Cuckoo Clock

Episode 68 - 07/30/46

AKA: "The Swan" - "Freighter Crew Plans Mutiny"

First line: “Come in. Aye, Captain Harlan.”

There's trouble aboard the good ship Swan. The crew want to steal the cargo. But the only passenger aboard owns the cargo and resists the theft. He gets killed for his trouble. Meanwhile, Shorty asks Blackie to meet his friend Jimmy Adams, cabin boy. Farraday is at sea trying to solve the murder, and gets wet besides.

"Jerry Williams Fixed Court Case" - Episode 69 - 08/06/46

Jerry Williams Fixed Court Case

Episode 69 - 08/06/46

AKA: "Fixed Court Cases" - "The Gardenia" - "Jerry Williams vs. Boston Blackie"

First line: “Order. Order in the court.”

Jerry Williams is acquitted of the murder of Ed Blaine when his thugs convince the jury members not to find him guilty. Blackie is set to testify against Williams in the Frank Lash murder case but is visited by two thugs who threaten to kill Mary if he does. He agrees to forget it. Later, the thugs rob an armored car. Blackie has to join the gang to nab the crooks.

"The Diamond Smugglers" - Episode 70 - 08/13/46

The Diamond Smugglers

Episode 70 - 08/13/46

AKA: "Mama and Papa Case" - "Book Store a Front for Diamond Smugglers" - "Smuggled Diamonds"

First line: “Papa? Yes, Lela. What did I do, fall asleep?”

Papa and Mama Aven use their quiet book store as a blind for smuggling diamonds. Disguised as a waiter, Frank Lewis meets with Papa and hands over $50,000 less in diamonds than expected, and so is served a cup of tea containing a slow-acting poison. Charlie Kingston meets with Lewis to buy the remaining $50,000 in rocks and Blackie verifies their value. But before a deal can be struck, Lewis dies. Blackie helps Kingston dispose of the body but Farraday later arrives to arrest Blackie, since during his surveillance of Lewis, customs official Paul Brown watched it all.

"Jealous Partners and Arson" - Episode 71 - 08/20/46

Jealous Partners and Arson

Episode 71 - 08/20/46

AKA: "Fire Insurance"

First line: “Come in. Oh, come right in, Mr. Adams.”

Jim Parker refuses to renew his fire insurance on his building, even though it is valuable. Robert Gardner, Parker's partner, is broke and needs a loan from Blackie. He needs the money to keep his wife, but she is having an affair with Parker. The building burns down -- and Mrs. Gardner is missing. Things look really hot for Mr. Gardner.

"Rockwell Diamond" - Episode 72 - 08/27/46

Rockwell Diamond

Episode 72 - 08/27/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Municipal Tower to Trans-Continental flight 17.”

Miss Moray charges Blackie with the theft of $10,000 from her grandfather, a trumped-up charge to get Blackie arrested off an air plane so he would help her find the Rockwell Diamond. (Note: This is a re-do of episode 1 which starred Chester Morris.)

"The Stolen Rare Book" - Episode 73 - 09/03/46

The Stolen Rare Book

Episode 73 - 09/03/46

AKA: "Rare Book Is Stolen"

First line: “Miss. Oh, Miss.” “Shhhh! This is a public library, young lady.”

Mary is in the public library when Angus, the rare book vault attendant collapses. During the police investigation, Miss Calvin, the library attendant, notices that a first and only edition of Radway's Faust has been stolen. Mary suspects Vivian Peterson, who was in the vault at the time, because she learns Vivian works for Harold Benson, a rare book dealer, and that Angus had been given knock-out drops. But Mr. Benson is subsequently found dead in his bookshop. Unknown to Blackie and the police, the book has fallen into the hands of Mr. Tobin, who plans to sell it. Blackie uncovers the plot after a visit to the recovering Mr. Angus.

"The Backstage Murder" - Episode 74 - 09/10/46

The Backstage Murder

Episode 74 - 09/10/46

AKA: "Marked Card Murder Case" - "Marked for Murder"

First line: “Oh, Mary, you can't mean it!”

Against his protests, Mary persuades Blackie to appear in the musical "The Mikado", to benefit the Orphan's Foundation. During rehearsal, Blackie finds Roger Knowlton, the theater superintendent, stabbed to death in an open trunk. A deck of marked cards in his pocket leads Blackie to believe Knowlton was cheating both wealthy Arnold Grimes and Lester Boswell, a poor sculptor. Blackie finds the clue that solves the murder in a trash can.

"The Apartment Swindler" - Episode 75 - 09/17/46

The Apartment Swindler

Episode 75 - 09/17/46

AKA: "The Rental Racket"

First line: “Out of my way. Just a minute. Let me through here.”

Ex-GI, Jim Palmer, puts a $300 deposit on an apartment in a building that is yet-to-be-built. But Bill Davidson and Tom Johnson are selling 100 apartments in the forth-coming Bryant Apartment House to 1,000 people and plan to skip town with the money. Blackie gets to the real estate office but the agent is not there. Thinking an unidentified man in a fatal car accident is the agent, Blackie goes to Farraday, only to find that the man doesn't match Blackie's description. Blackie uncovers the deception during an unauthorized night-time visit to the rental office.

"The Abbott Painting" - Episode 76 - 09/24/46

The Abbott Painting

Episode 76 - 09/24/46

AKA: "None"

First line: “Well, so the great Blackie condescends to visit...”

Henry Rice is trying to frame Shorty for the murder of someone named Ashley. Blackie tries to persuade Rice to give him Shorty's incriminating cigarette lighter. Rice will only give it up if Blackie will steal the Abbot painting for him from the heavily guarded City Gallery. Not only does Blackie get Shorty's lighter back, Rice meets his match!

"The Undersea Murder" - Episode 77 - 10/01/46

The Undersea Murder

Episode 77 - 10/01/46

AKA: "Sunken Treasure Chest" - "Sunken Treasure"

First line: “Found it, Larry. Found it.”

Harry Mather cuts the air lines of the diver, Bill Branson after he finds the sunken gold. He then tells Branson's sister that her brother died by accident. But surprise, surprise! Branson is still alive, and Blackie gets involved.

"Murdered Show Dog Owner" - Episode 78 - 10/08/46

Murdered Show Dog Owner

Episode 78 - 10/08/46

AKA: "Barking Up the Wrong Tree"

First line: “Quiet, everybody, quiet. I said quiet...”

Marilyn Lawrence's two champion boxer dogs, Angel and Spartan, win the best of show award, and Mr. Eglinton wants to buy them then and there, but Mrs. Lawrence doesn't want to sell. "Not as long as I live," she replies. And it ain't very long before she's dead and Mary finds the dogs that have gone astray, and of course Blackie steps in to solve a murder.

"Murder At the Rodeo" - Episode 79 - 10/15/46

Murder At the Rodeo

Episode 79 - 10/15/46

AKA: "Barking Up the Wrong Tree"

First line: “Havin' trouble with those boots, Hazel?”

Belle Evans, the belle of the rodeo circuit, thinks Helen Henry wants her dead. Belle rides Slim Waters' horse and a burr under the saddle causes the horse to throw Belle. Then Helen gets killed. Very confusing to Farraday. But Blackie wins the race.

"Farraday Shot" - Episode 80 - 10/22/46

Farraday Shot

Episode 80 - 10/22/46

AKA: "Bill Thayer Mob"

First line: “Oh, hi Inspector Farraday. Had enough of your office today?”

Farraday gets the goods on Bill Thayer for robbery. Sgt. Rawlins warns the Inspector to watch out for retribution by Thayer's mob, but he doesn't listen and gets shot up, but good! This really makes Blackie mad, and he goes after the ones that did it, but was it Thayer's mob -- or somebody else?

"Granny’s Witchcraft" - Episode 81 - 10/29/46

Granny’s Witchcraft

Episode 81 - 10/29/46

AKA: "Blackie and the Witch"

First line: “Hi, Blackie, are you having fun? Hi, Mary. Oh, it's a cute costume.”

Granny shows up at a costume party and warns Blackie that he may die soon. She implicates a big blue limousine and a chandelier. Sure enough, the chandelier in the ballroom crashes to the floor. Later, a big blue limo nearly mows Blackie and Mary down. So Blackie goes to see Granny, who then warns him about a fire. Meanwhile Blackie’s old enemy Joe Hanson is out of prison and pulls a $25,000 safe job with his man Pete. Pete tries to double-cross Joe and gets killed for his troubles.

"A New Face for Joe Harvey" - Episode 82 - 11/05/46

A New Face for Joe Harvey

Episode 82 - 11/05/46

AKA: "Cop Killer's Face"

First line: “Come on, hurry it up, will, you, Doc? Get the scissors busy.”

Joe Harvey has some plastic surgery done. He thinks he's safe from the cops now. But now he looks like Donald Tate, the cop killer, and gets arrested right off. Farraday's happy, but Joe keeps screaming for Blackie. Blackie can prove he's who he really is -- or can he?

"Only One Way Out for Me" - Episode 83 - 11/12/46

Only One Way Out for Me

Episode 83 - 11/12/46

AKA: "Ralph Burton's Suicide"

First line: “I don't know what you can tell Mr. Kingston, sir.”

Ralph Burton is way in debt to Charlie Kingston and appears to have committed suicide. Charlie feels guilty about the death and gets Blackie involved. Blackie starts asking difficult questions, like how can Mrs. Burton pay off her gambling debt to Tony?

"Bill and Harry -- $50,000 Necklace" - Episode 84 - 11/19/46

Bill and Harry -- $50,000 Necklace

Episode 84 - 11/19/46

AKA: "Diamond Necklace"

First line: “Oh, excuse me. I beg your pardon. Huh? What's on your mind, mister?”

Bill and Harry Reese steal a $50,000 necklace. Mary gets it, but then it is stolen from her.

"The Lenny Powell Murder" - Episode 85 - 11/26/46

The Lenny Powell Murder -- $50,000 Necklace

Episode 85 - 11/26/46

AKA: "The Airline Murder; Murder at the Airport"

First line: “Lincoln Airport? Harold? Yeah, Emily.”

Mike, Tex and Joe are pilots who own and operate a struggling air freight business. Lenny Powell hires them for $5,000 to take him on a flight on which he will be carrying $25,000. Lenny is killed and the money stolen. Blackie suspects one of the three.

"Blackie Goes to Jail for Diamond Theft" - Episode 86 - 12/03/46

Blackie Goes to Jail for Diamond Theft -- $50,000 Necklace

Episode 86 - 12/03/46

AKA: "Blackie in Jail/Blackie Sent to Penitentiary"

First line: “All right, Inspector Faraday, you got a reporter...”

Faraday solves a diamond theft and Blackie is convicted of the theft and of trying to sell the gems. He is sentenced to 10-20 years in the state penitentiary. Mary vows to clear his name. In the prison dining room, Blackie gets in a fight with a prison guard and is knocked unconscious. Faraday visits the warden's office while Blackie is there recovering and we discover that Blackie is a plant. Faraday needs to learn the whereabouts of Jim Baker, a man who murdered two policemen in Wisconsin and a bank teller in Oklahoma. Blackie hopes that Bill Jackson, another prisoner, will divulge Baker's hiding place when they make a jail break together.

"Mary, Registered Nurse" - Episode 87 - 12/10/46

Mary, Registered Nurse

Episode 87 - 12/10/46

AKA: "The Phony Doctor" - "The Phony Doctor Murder"

First line: “What's the matter, Ed? Can't you find her telephone number?”

Posing as a doctor, Sam Jones and his associate Ed Rogers hire Mary to watch over Rogers' brother, whom they say is sedated, the victim of a car accident. When he awakens, thinking Jones is a doctor, he reports that Ed tried to kill him because he knows Ed has embezzled thousands of dollars from the company at which they both work. He was on his way to the police when he was run down. Jones has Mary administer another hypo and then curtly discharges her. Mary convinces Blackie that she is suspicious and when they return to the home, they find the patient dead from a leap out the window. When Mary is called back for a final assignment, Blackie must save her from her own death leap.

"Police Impersonator" - Episode 88 - 12/17/46

Police Impersonator

Episode 88 - 12/17/46

AKA: "Voice Impersonator" - "The Mimic"

First line: “I've got a gal who's a beautiful gal...”

Gangster Jim Martin hires Tom Jenkins to imitate Blackie's voice to lure police killer, Mike Burns, into a trap set by Inspector Faraday. But Mike escapes and believing that Blackie double-crossed him, goes to Blackie's to kill him. Blackie escapes and goes to see the mimic, only to find him dead in Burns' presence. Burns takes Blackie and Mary to Martin's house where Blackie overpowers Martin, takes his gun and ties him up. As they drive away, Blackie makes the crooks think they are running out of gas and when he and Mary get out to talk to a policeman, the thugs take off, lose control and crash. Faraday arrives and confirms that the gun Blackie gave the policeman was the murder weapon. Blackie tells Faraday he can take him to the killer, all tied up in a neat package.

"The Derailed Gold Train" - Episode 89 - 12/24/46

The Derailed Gold Train

Episode 89 - 12/24/46

AKA: "On the Wrong Track" - "Detained Train"

First line: “That you, Tom?” “Yeah, Bob.” “We on time?”

The Metropolitan Flier is stopped by a wrecked car on the track, and Blackie can't figure out why. Meanwhile, Roger Lane is killed and Faraday suspects Sam Baldwin of the hit.

"Carl Brown Cleaning Shop" - Episode 90 - 12/31/46

Carl Brown Cleaning Shop

Episode 90 - 12/31/46

AKA: "Carl Brown Murdered" - "Death By Natural Causes"

First line: “Now look, Carl, don't feel too bad, cuz the doc says...”

Carl Brown, owner of a cleaning shop, is being shaken down by Jerry Buck. He goes to Blackie for help. But his wife, Wanda, and his best friend, John Rainey, have a thing going and want him out of the way. And Carl is found dead in his bed apparently from natural causes. But Blackie thinks it's murder. There is, after all, those missing two hours on Brown's watch.

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