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"Enemy to those who make him an enemy.   Friend to those who have no friend."

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Boston Blackie Radio Series

In 1944, Blackie made his radio debut on NBC. This series was an outgrowth of the popular Boston Blackie movies. Chester Morris and Richard Lane brought to the radio the characters of Boston Blackie and Inspector Farraday. The series was originally a summer replacement for The Amos and Andy Show. It was scheduled to run from June 23, 1944 to September 15, 1944 for a total of thirteen episodes. The series turned out to be very popular and on April 11, 1945 it returned to the air in its own time slot on NBC. This time the star was Richard Kollmar who played Blackie, Lesley Woods and Jan Miner played Mary Wesley, Maurice Tarplin, Richard Lane and Frank Orth did duty as Inspector Farraday, Shorty was played by Tony Barrett.

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January 7, 1947 to December 31, 1947 (NBC)
Syndicated by ZIV
Sponsor: Rinso Soap
Starring Richard Kollmar as Boston Blackie
Maurice Tarplin, Richard Lane and Frank Orth as Inspector Farraday
Also starring Jan Minor as Mary Wesley and Tony Barrett as Shorty.

1947 Episodes

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NBC-BLUE Tuesdays 7:30 - 8:00pm

"Jack Small Alias Bill Bigelow" - Episode 91 - 01/07/47

Jack Small Alias Bill Bigelow

Episode 91 - 01/07/47

AKA: "Jack Small's Lucky Piece" - "Jack Small"

First line: “Well, then, Inspector Faraday, let's grab this guy...”

Working for Inspector Faraday, Detective Waterman spots a car belonging to murderer Jack Small. Small had joined a gang of workmen in the westside quarry, using the name Bigelow. Shorty asks Blackie to collect $500 that Small owes him. While Waterman uses a candy store near the quarry for surveillance, a dynamite blast at the quarry buries Bigelow under tons of rock. When Blackie & Mary arrive at Bigelow's apartment, Carter, his roommate tells them of the death and pays the debt. Blackie suspects Bigelow is alive. When he returns to the apartment, he finds Carter dead. Blackie's hunch about mint candies found at the scene leads him to a sweet solution of the case.

"Blackie and the Fur Thefts" - Episode 92 - 01/14/47

Blackie and the Fur Thefts

Episode 92 - 01/14/47

AKA: "Jackie's Mink Caper" - "Janet Corning Smothered in Persian Lamb" - "Blackie and the Fur Trade" - "Harry Gets Janet a Mink Coat"

First line: “There's the fur coat I was telling you about.”

Janet Corning wants Harry Barlow to buy her a $10,000 mink she sees in a window. Blackie figures in Harry's plan to get her the coat. Janet gets Blackie to call fur stores and recommend her and Harry. Faraday thinks Blackie and Mary had something to do with stolen furs. He finds a mink in Mary's apartment that she says Blackie asked her to keep for him. He confronts Blackie and gets locked in a closet for his troubles. Meanwhile, Janet gets smothered to death in her Persian Lamb coat. Blackie gives this case in a very shocking ending.

"The Search for Jim Gary" - Episode 93 - 01/21/47

The Search for Jim Gary

Episode 93 - 01/21/47

AKA: "Jim Gary Is Wanted" - "The Firebug"

First line: “National Insurance Company.” “Good Morning. Mr. Adams, please.”

Insurance investigator John Rodney is hired to find Jim Gary, wanted for murder and robbery in Omaha, by a Mr. Adams. Blackie receives a note to meet Rodney at his rooming house. When he gets there, it is in flames and Farraday tells him that the only person missing in the fire is Rodney. Rodney calls Adams to say he's lost the only photo of Gary in the fire. Blackie talks to Rodney, who shows him his report of the fire. Meanwhile, a couple named Marsh argues after she phones police to turn him in as a firebug. When he overhears, Marsh plans to do her in, but she shoots him first. Faraday and Blackie arrive to get her story. But they find out that Marsh did not set the rooming house fire. Then Blackie knows where to find Gary.

"Jacques Pierre and the Diamonds" - Episode 94 - 01/28/47

Jacques Pierre and the Diamonds

Episode 94 - 01/28/47

AKA: "Willebrandt Diamonds" - "According To the Plan"

First line: “There's the window in the joint that ought to be open.”

Bob Jackson and Jerry Brown have a real smooth plan, and they end up snatching the Willebrandt Diamonds. Their boss, Mr. Dalton, is planning to fence them to Jacques Pierre. But Blackie steps in and screws up their nice plan. But where are the diamonds?

"The Peters Mix-Up" - Episode 95 - 02/04/47

The Peters Mix-Up

Episode 95 - 02/04/47

AKA: "Walter Peters, Dead in a Lake" - "Tugboat Bess and the Salt Water Corpse"

First line: “Hey Bill, when I get rich, you know what I'm going to do?”

Walter Peters, a smuggler, is fished out of a lake by police. His identification card reads "In case of accident, notify Boston Blackie". A tugboat operator named Bess persuades Blackie to go for a boat ride by telling him it will help with his investigation, and there he sees and talks to -- Walter Peters! The morgue reports Peters' body missing. But before Blackie can go back to talk to Peters, the body is found again, having been claimed by Bess. Blackie & Mary return to the docks with Faraday, only to fish Bess out of the drink, having been nearly drowned by Peters! It is then that they discover the answer to the mystery.

"Jailbirds Murdock and Dawson" - Episode 96 - 02/11/47

Jailbirds Murdock and Dawson

Episode 96 - 02/11/47

AKA: "Love Song Mystery" - "Sing a Song of Escaped Cons"

First line: “Quiet, you guys. You want to send him a telegram?”

Murdock and Dawson are captured by Faraday's men, only to break jail and hide out in the city. Meanwhile, crooner Duke Collins is threatened and calls Blackie for help, but gets beaten up. When Blackie & Faraday arrive, Collins says he doesn't need help. Blackie suspects a tie in. Later, a battered Collins shows up at Blackie's place with a song he was told to sing on the radio. Blackie cracks the musical code and takes Collins' place singing the song. Murdock and Dawson and their gang waltz right into the arms of Farraday's men.

"Seven Years Bad Luck for Florence Wells, Musical Comedy Star" - Episode 97 - 02/18/47

Seven Years Bad Luck for Florence Wells, Musical Comedy Star

Episode 97 - 02/18/47

AKA: "Florence Wells Murdered" - "Gloria Wells Case"

First line: “So you think you're going to keep Tom away from me, do you, Barbara?”

Florence Wells, the musical comedy star, and Barbara Lane, the chorus girl, are competing for the affections of Tom Johnson. Florence calls Blackie to come to her aid and then she vanishes mysteriously from her dressing room, right under Blackie's nose. And is murdered. A broken mirror sure spelled bad luck for her.

"Joe Delivers the Goods" - Episode 98 - 02/25/47

Joe Delivers the Goods

Episode 98 - 02/25/47

AKA: "Joe Barton Is Missing" - "Meat Market Front"

First line: “Wait a second, Joe, there's my phone.”

Joe Barton is caught in the middle of a stolen merchandise ring. He decides he wants out and disappears. Joe's parents ask Blackie to find out what happened to Joe Barton and who is behind the stolen merchandise ring. It seems there is more to buy at Arden's Butcher Shop than steaks.

"Larry the Kid vs. Savinni" - Episode 99 - 03/04/47

Larry the Kid vs. Savinni

Episode 99 - 03/04/47

AKA: "The $10,000 Dive"

First line: “Hey, Kid. There's a guy here to see you.””

Fighter Larry Dawes, alias The Kid, is contacted by a man named Lawson who tells him to throw his Friday fight with Savinni, for which he will receive $10,000. He refuses and goes to Blackie who has him contact the police. They tell him to meet with Lawson again where they arrest him. Out on bail, Lawson goes to his boss, Thompson, who tells him to take the rap alone and he'll be well paid. Later while Blackie visits The Kid, Blackie is knocked unconscious and The Kid is worked over so he can't fight on Friday. Blackie places a $15,000 bet on the replacement fighter, Johnson, and Johnson is told to take a dive or else.

"Tenth Street Gym and Stolen Car Ring" - Episode 100 - 04/11/47

Tenth Street Gym and Stolen Car Ring

Episode 100 - 04/11/47

AKA: "Stolen Cars and the Boys Club"

First line: “Here we are, Mary. All out.”

Blackie & Mary go to the 10th Street Gym to watch the boys play basketball but no boys are there. They learn that racketeer Joe Easton has become an idol to area teens. Blackie & Faraday fear a wave of juvenile delinquency may result. Meanwhile, Faraday and his men try to halt the rise of stolen cars in the city. Blackie swears to break Easton's racket. Then a man is killed when his car is stolen and a policeman shot. Blackie uses a 1941 Pacer as bait to catch a killer. In jail, John Walters admits he has been stealing cars and working for Easton.

"I Am Not Sam Fisher" - Episode 101 - 04/18/47

I Am Not Sam Fisher

Episode 101 - 04/18/47

AKA: "Sam Fisher's Past" - "Amnesia Murders"

First line: "Ha, ha. You didn't think I'd make that one..."

Sam Fisher sustained an accident years ago and since then can't remember who he really is. He calls himself Sam Fisher, but wants Blackie to find out his real identity. His wife Rita and his friend Roger Ainsley have their own plans. And there is the dead cab driver, the sea captain and the ugly green and red tie.

"Horse Room Thefts" - Episode 102 - 04/25/47

Horse Room Thefts

Episode 102 - 04/25/47

AKA: "Illegal Gambling House" - "Horse Room Thefts of Boston Blackie"

First line: "Yes? Take ten on Calabash in the fourth.”

The Horse Room Thefts of Boston Blackie (#102) 03/25/47 Somebody is robbing the horse gambling establishments in town and bragging that he is Boston Blackie. Crime bosses Haines and Larson are really angry about it. They send a tough who grabs the $20,000 in charity money that Blackie is holding to buy a new home for unfortunate boys. That's their really big mistake!

"Bus to Valley Junction" - Episode 103 - 05/01/47

Bus to Valley Junction

Episode 103 - 05/01/47

AKA: "Wayward Bus Driver"

First line: "Howdy, Sy.” “Morning, Harry. How's that bus of yours--still all in one piece?"

There are strange goings on in Valley Junction. Sy Gardner, the owner of the general store, recognizes somebody he shouldn't have, and now he's in trouble. He calls Blackie in the city to help him, but on the way out to Valley Junction on the bus, a gal named Marjorie Kieland waylays him with a gun and makes him get off. Gardner is found murdered. Blackie gets sore feet, but catches a murderer.

"Rogers Spinsters Case" - Episode 104 - 04/08/47

Rogers Spinsters Case

Episode 104 - 04/08/47

AKA: "Spinster Sisters" = "Aggie Rogers' Murder"

First line: "Aggie? Here's your food"

The two crazy Rogers sisters hate each other and live in different parts of their junk-filled mansion. Aggie Rogers controls the money, but never goes out of the house. Martha Rogers brings in the food. A neighbor hears moaning from the house and contacts Blackie. Blackie and Faraday investigate and find Aggie murdered. And Martha Rogers has disappeared. Seems that Aggie left all her money to a young news boy, Robert Perkins.

"Phonograph Murder" - Episode 105 - 04/15/47

Phonograph Murder

Episode 105 - 04/15/47

AKA: "Record of Death" - "Record on Death"

First line: “Yes? Package for Mr. James Grant.”

Jim Grant receives a unique package. It is a phonograph record that predicts his murder. And guess what happens? It comes true, on the spot. Is the killer Jack Adams who wants Grant's girl friend Helen Martin? Or was it Jim's brother Bill Grant? Blackie is stumped -- till he sees the light.

"Millicent Bromley Kidnapped" - Episode 106 - 04/22/47

Millicent Bromley Kidnapped

Episode 106 - 04/22/47

AKA: "Shorty Is Murder Suspect" - "Missing Millicent Bromley"

First line: “We've got to find that woman, you understand?”

Twenty-two year old Millicent Bromley has been kidnapped. Shorty calls Faraday and tells him that the missing girl is in his apartment, but by the time Faraday gets there, Shorty has been slugged and the girl is gone. The Professor and his men, Tommy and Bill, had stashed the girl at Shorty's until the heat was off, and then grabbed her back. The Professor uses a trained dog to retrieve the ransom money. Blackie is away on the West Coast, but solves it by long distance. Blackie is never heard on the episode.

"Baseball and Gambling" - Episode 107 - 04/29/47

Baseball and Gambling

Episode 107 - 04/29/47

AKA: "Sammy Saunders" - "Ball Player" - "Gambler's debt"

First line: “(singing) Baby, you love me, baby, you think of me...”

Joe Ash is killed while writing a letter to Blackie, and Sammy Saunders the baseball player is introduced to a girl who's job it is to get him to throw a ball game.

Show moves to Thursdays, for the balance of the series

"Mrs. Peterson's Insurance Policy" - Episode 108 - 05/07/47

Mrs. Peterson's Insurance Policy

Episode 108 - 05/07/47

AKA: "Measured for Murder"

First line: “Yes? Oh, Mrs. Peterson, come on in.”

Hilda Peterson overhears her husband asking their lawyer about her insurance policy, specifically if it would still pay off in his favor if she were murdered. She goes to Blackie, who takes her to Faraday. Her husband is jailed, then bailed, and Mrs. Peterson is killed with a bullet to the head!

"Joe Adams Drowned" - Episode 109 - 05/14/47

Joe Adams Drowned

Episode 109 - 05/14/47

AKA: "Drowned After Robbery"

First line: “We got enough water in that tub, don't you think?”

Frank Horton and his henchman, Tiny, drown Joe Adams in a bathtub. The body is later found in the Sea Lion pool at the zoo. His girlfriend, Valerie Johnson, is all broken up -- or is she?

"Blackie Breaks Into Prison" - Episode 110 - 05/21/47

Blackie Breaks Into Prison

Episode 110 - 05/21/47

AKA: "Blackie Breaks Jail"

First line: “Blackie. That saw is making too much noise.”

Blackie breaks into prison to do a favor for Johnnie Brennon whose son, Kevin, is in prison and will be framed for the murder of Mattie Innis. Mattie is indeed murdered in his cell. Faraday knows that Blackie himself swore to get even with Innis for an earlier matter. So Blackie's stuck in prison and Mary has to do her best to get him out.

"The Ghost of Florence Newton" - Episode 111 - 05/28/47

The Ghost of Florence Newton

Episode 111 - 05/28/47

AKA: "Hitchhiking Ghost" - "The Lady Hitchhiker"
"Ghost of a Dead Girl"

First line: “Oh, oh, a hitchhiker. And is she pretty.”

Blackie picks up a hitchhiker named Florence Newton, a mysterious woman who had been wading in a creek and who disappears from his car when he drives her home. Blackie finds out from her father that Florence was drowned in that creek three years before. Meanwhile, Blackie is to give evidence against Butch Heathers. But his seeing a "ghost" is used against his credibility in the trial. Blackie smells a rat.

"Man Following Eva" - Episode 112 - 06/04/47

Man Following Eva

Episode 112 - 06/04/47

AKA: "Stalking Killer" - "Eva is Stabbed"

First line: “That's eight sixty out of ten, Miss Kernan.”

Everywhere Eva Cronin looks, the same man is staring at her, stalking her. There is a "stalking killer" out there and Faraday can't seem to catch him. He has men covering the Elm Street place where Eva lives. She calls Blackie from a party for help, but when Blackie gets there, there's no Eva and no party.

Note: first line uses “Kernan”, while the rest of the story has “Cronin”!

"Blackie Shoots a Watchman" - Episode 113 - 06/11/47

Blackie Shoots a Watchman

Episode 113 - 06/11/47

AKA: "Detective Follows Blackie" - "Mary Has Blackie Followed"
"Follow That Blackie"

First line: “What was that address again, Mary?”

Blackie joins the Fredericks gang to get evidence in order to turn the members in to the police. Mary hires a private eye to tail Blackie to later testify in Blackie's defense. During a robbery as a gang member, Blackie shoots a night watchman using blanks. But the man is found at the scene actually shot to death, and the PI claims to have lost Blackie's trail before the robbery. Faraday arrives to arrest Blackie.

"Crooked Carver Brother" - Episode 114 - 06/18/47

Crooked Carver Brother

Episode 114 - 06/18/47

AKA: "Donald Carver Case" - "Brotherly Hate"
"Donald Carver Fights with Mother"

First line: “Don, what's the matter with your appetite?”

Unemployed Donald Carver and his brother Kenneth are not at all alike. The boss, Mr. Williams and his secretary, Miss Holloway, from Kenneth's office were gunned down in a robbery. Their mother, Mrs. Martha Carver, turns in Donald after discovering some of the stolen money and the murder weapon in his dresser drawer. But Blackie doesn't think he is the killer and Harry Brown provides an alibi for Donald.

"Joe Nelson's Pet Shop Gambling Scheme" - Episode 115 - 06/25/47

Joe Nelson's Pet Shop Gambling Scheme

Episode 115 - 06/25/47

AKA: "Pet Shop For Gambling"

First line: “Come on in. Hi ya, Blackie. Nice to see...”

Joe Nelson, an ex-con, turns down a man who wants to put a gambling setup in the back room of his pet shop. But when Joe goes to see Blackie, he is murdered in Blackie's apartment. Then the murderer goes to Nelson's cousin, Frank, and forces him to lure Blackie to the shop. Bob, the murderer, knocks Blackie unconscious, puts him in a sack and they take Blackie out on the river and throw him overboard!

"Johnny Burns' Imported Woolens" - Episode 116 - 07/02/47

Johnny Burns' Imported Woolens

Episode 116 - 07/02/47

AKA: "Johnny ‘Cash’ Burns for Murder"

First line: “Yes? Mr. Martin. Yes. There's a John Burns to see you, Mr. Martin.”

Johnny "Cash" Burns strikes a deal with George Martin to sell him imported woolens for $1 a yard less than he is currently paying. Burns and Sam Blaine, his partner, fly the woolens into the country with helicopters at night. Burns then kills Blaine for his half and before dying, Blaine names his killer. But Mary swears that Burns was hosting her at his home at the time of the shooting.

"Death Comes to the Harmonica Man" - Episode 117 - 07/09/47

Death Comes to the Harmonica Man

Episode 117 - 07/09/47

AKA: "Corpse Plays the Harmonica"

First line: “Gee, I could listen to that all night.”

Henry Peterson, the harmonica player, ticks off his girlfriend, Sally Rogers, and she shoots him. He grabs er gun and, wounded, makes his way to Bill Foster's place where he dies, putting the racketeer Foster in a fine mess.

"The Randolph Construction Gang Bank Robbery" - Episode 118 - 07/16/47

The Randolph Construction Gang Bank Robbery

Episode 118 - 07/16/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “All right, all right, all right.”

A construction gang is a front for a gang of bank robbers. A guard is shot during the Parkway Bank robbery. And John Manders ends up sealed inside a wall.

"Blackie's Body in Wax" - Episode 119 - 07/23/47

Blackie's Body in Wax

Episode 119 - 07/23/47

AKA: "Mosley Brothers" - "The Wax Museum"

First line: “Hazel?” “Yeah?” “Will you answer the door?”

Percy Wayne makes an absolutely perfect wax image of Boston Blackie and displays it in his wax museum. Also in the museum are the figures of other famous crime fighters and detectives and scores of famous criminals of the past and present. Duke Allen, midwest racketeer, is coming to town to take over from the Mosley brothers, local racket bosses. No one knows what Allen looks like, except Percy Wayne who has a wax figure of him in his wax museum. The Mosley brothers learn this, come to the museum, take a photograph of the figure marked Duke Allen and then set out to find and kill him. What they don't know however, is that the figure marked Duke Allen is really Blackie!

"Poetry In My Soul - Mayor Rogers Killed" - Episode 120 - 07/30/47

Poetry In My Soul - Mayor Rogers Killed

Episode 120 - 07/30/47

AKA: "The Poetic Assassin" - "Poetry For Murder"
"Harry Johnson Murdered"

First line: “Carter?” “Yeah?” “I feel a hunk of poetry comin' on.”

Carter and his partner, Joe, kill Mayor Bob Rogers from their rooftop hiding place with a high powered rifle. Then, Harry Johnson, who was with the mayor at the time of the assassination, is shot to death when he answers his door. Neither Blackie or the police have any clue to the identity of the killers or reason why Johnson was killed. Blackie suspects that Johnson was killed because he took a contract away from Rex Martin and the mayor was killed by mistake. But Martin shows him the contract, signed two days before Johnson was killed! Mary's decision not to buy a hat on a rainy day gives Blackie the clue he needs.

"Butcher Boy Gang" - Episode 121 - 08/06/47

Butcher Boy Gang

Episode 121 - 08/06/47

AKA: "The Butcher Boys"

First line: “You can't tell when you go out who you're gonna meet.”

Sammy the Lip informs Faraday that the Butcher brothers mob is planning an armored car heist. But Sammy gets killed and the boss of the mob orders Blackie killed and a huge load of new cars stolen instead.

"Burning His House Behind Him" - Episode 122 - 08/13/47

Burning His House Behind Him

Episode 122 - 08/13/47

AKA: "Body in the Basement"

First line: “What are we digging, Joe? A sub-basement?”

Joe Lang kills his wife, Sally, and buries her body in his basement and then covers the floor with concrete. Sue Adams, who helped bury the body, thinks she is next and goes to Blackie. Sue's brother, Billy Wilson, helps Lang burn the house down. When Blackie goes to the house and digs where Sue says the body is buried, he finds nothing. Faraday and his men find the body but it is Blackie who finds out the killer is NOT the killer!

"Murder of John Austin" - Episode 123 - 08/20/47

Murder of John Austin

Episode 123 - 08/20/47

AKA: "Austin is Killed" - "Open Field Case"
"How Was Austin Killed" - "Legacy of John Austin"

First line: “Here's the body, Inspector Faraday.”

John Austin is killed in the middle of a field during an inspection tour. The mystery is not only who done it, but how was it done?

"Buckley Protection Agency and the Murder of Henry Dale" - Episode 124 - 08/27/47

Buckley Protection Agency and the Murder of Henry Dale

Episode 124 - 08/27/47

AKA: "Blackie and the Protection Racket"
"Henry Dale Killed by Mary?"

First line: “Hmm, looks like a blockade.”

Henry Dale is killed and Mary is framed for it because Blackie wouldn't play his assigned role in Buckley's protection racket.

"$50,000 Shoe Shine" - Episode 125 - 09/03/47

$50,000 Shoe Shine

Episode 125 - 09/03/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “You really put a shine on those shoes, fella.”

Shiny Steel, the shoe shine boy, is a front for a counterfeit money ring, but he gets caught up in the conflict between Hanley and Arnold and is killed. Faraday doesn't get it, but Blackie polishes the case off nicely.

"Lighthouse Ghost" - Episode 126 - 09/10/47

Lighthouse Ghost

Episode 126 - 09/10/47

AKA: "Ghost Lighthouse" - "Rocky Island Lighthouse"

First line: “You see anything through this fog tonight, Mr. Jenson?”

Charlie Kingston's ships carrying valuable cargos are being lured onto the reef by a ghost lighthouse. And there are funny goings-on at the real Rocky Island Lighthouse, where Frank Harlow, the light keeper, mysteriously falls to his death. Faraday is stumped, but Blackie sheds some light on the problem.

"Case of the Exploding Car" - Episode 127 - 09/17/47

Case of the Exploding Car

Episode 127 - 09/17/47

AKA: "Exploding Car"

First line: “Well, OK, watch this one.”

Car bomb murders the wrong man. Henry Smith is killed by mistake in C.F. Baker's car. Mr. Oliver, who makes bombs in his munitions factory, threatened to kill Baker and accused of the murder by Faraday.

"Old 86 Is Missing" - Episode 128 - 09/24/47

Old 86 Is Missing

Episode 128 - 09/24/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Hey, you gonna open her up as soon as we're out of the yard?”

Old 86, a railroad engine with four cars, departed its terminal but never arrived at the station. Its four man crew is found in the departure terminal, three unconscious and the engineer dead. The fourth car was carrying a million dollars' worth of uncut diamonds. Henry Reed, head of the shipping department, is found poisoned and dumped in an alley. A two-day search of every spur and siding along the route of the train proves fruitless. It appears that the train has vanished and along with it, the diamonds.

"Death Wish" - Episode 129 - 10/01/47

Death Wish

Episode 129 - 10/01/47

AKA: "Joe Wells"

First line: “Yeah?” “Are you Jimmy Wells?”

Blackie goes to Jimmy Wells to prevent him from being killed for his gambling debts by Walter Branch and company which runs the racket. Only he refuses help from both Blackie or the police. While Blackie searches for the would-be killers, Wells kidnaps Mary Wesley and threatens to kill her if Blackie or the police intervene, so he will die in the electric chair. Jimmy's bribery of Branch's man, Tommy, fails to work and Blackie & Faraday must save Mary without killing her!

"Dead Aunt Sarah" - Episode 130 - 10/08/47

Dead Aunt Sarah

Episode 130 - 10/08/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Sure you won't have a walnut, Mr. Williams?”

Robert Williams gives a thousand dollars to Bill Lynch to give him an alibi if and when his Aunt Sarah is killed. Auntie is indeed killed and Robert's alibi comes in handy -- until Lynch too is killed. Sue Williams and her boyfriend Frank figure in it somewhere, but it's a real puzzler, until Blackie figures it out.

"Joe Crane, Hired Killer" - Episode 131 - 10/15/47

Joe Crane, Hired Killer

Episode 131 - 10/15/47

AKA: "Murder Comes To Town"

First line: “Who is it? Who is it?” “It's me, Mr. Peterson, Joe Crane.”

Joe Crane comes to town to kill Arnold Peterson's wife Sally. But the plan backfires and Bill Smith, who has a grudge against Peterson, gets his own idea when he finds Peterson all tied up.

"Mid-Air Diamond Theft" - Episode 132 - 10/22/47

Mid-Air Diamond Theft

Episode 132 - 10/22/47

AKA: "Diamonds In the Air"

First line: “Come in. Mr Wilson? Yes, come in sir...”

Detective Jack Evans is hired to guard Mr. Wilson who is delivering a million dollar diamond to Mr. Blaine by way of a chartered plane flown by pilot Bob Johnston. But the detective is murdered in the air, the pilot blacks out, Wilson is all tied up and the diamond is mysteriously stolen -- in mid-air.

"Framed By a Film" - Episode 133 - 10/29/47

Framed By a Film

Episode 133 - 10/29/47

AKA: "Framed by a Fin"

First line: “Come in.” “Hello, “ “Ah, come in, Blackie, come in.”

A guy named Joe, a henchman of The Boss, calls Blackie down to the warehouse on Front Street. He says there is a robbery in progress. Blackie goes there and exchanges gunfire with someone in the warehouse, and then is slugged by The Boss. Later, the warehouse is really robbed and a guard killed and a film of Blackie at the place is sent to Faraday. Faraday doesn’t believe Blackie did it, but Blackie confesses and then goes underground to trap the gang who really did the robbery. Another of The Boss’ henchmen, Billy Boy, puts $5,000 from the robbery under the rug in Blackie’s apartment to further implicate him. But Blackie puts The Boss and his men under the spotlight -- in the theater.

"The Old Shoe Clue" - Episode 134 - 11/05/47

The Old Shoe Clue

Episode 134 - 11/05/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Blackie? Someone's at the door.”

Blackie is given $1,000 to deliver an old worn out shoe to the police.

"Murder Incorporated" - Episode 135 - 11/12/47

Murder Incorporated

Episode 135 - 11/12/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknow”

A large company, run by gangsters, specializes in murder. As Blackie tries to put them out of business, one of Blackie's enemies hires the company to kill Boston Blackie.

"The Armoured Car Murder Case" - Episode 136 - 11/19/47

The Armoured Car Murder Case

Episode 136 - 11/19/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknow”

The Armoured Car Murder Case. An armoured van crashes on a foggy night. The driver is killed, but the guard escapes. The van is robbed, and later, the guard is found murdered. Blackie is called in to solve the case.

"The Murdock Gang Strikes" - Episode 137 - 11/26/47

The Murdock Gang Strikes

Episode 137 - 11/26/47

AKA: "The Murdock Gang"

First line: “OK, Faraday, have a nice time. Have such a good time that...”

Faraday is off on vacation and Deputy Inspector Welles has taken his place. He is ambitious for a big break. The break comes when the Murdock gang is discovered to be back in operation. Welles wants Blackie to stay out of it. The Murdock Gang has their eyes on a half million dollars worth of jewelry in the Larchmont Diamond Company’s safe. They have forced Henry Carson, an employee of the firm, to disclose the combination. Then they kill Carson by throwing him off a building. Blackie figures out what they intend and goes to the Diamond Company first and heists the jewels before the Murdock gang can get there. But when the police show up, they find a dead guard and the safe wide open and empty. Meanwhile, Murdock has figured out that the only person in town who could have opened that safe was Blackie.

"Open Season On Henry Williams" - Episode 138 - 12/03/47

Open Season On Henry Williams

Episode 138 - 12/03/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “You're sure I'm taking you to the right address?”

A couple of killers shoot Henry Williams to death at his home at 10 Barton Road. When the gangster Henry Williams hears about this killing, he suspects that it was an accident and that he was the real intended target. He guesses that Jo Carter wants him dead because he, Williams, wants to horn in on Carter’s east side rackets. Williams goes to Blackie for help, and when Blackie confronts Carter, he discovers she is a beautiful woman. Blackie and Faraday use a clue inserted as a newspaper boilerplate item to trap the killers and solve the puzzle of the mistaken Williams killing.

"The Arnold Murder Case" - Episode 139 - 12/10/47

The Arnold Murder Case

Episode 139 - 12/10/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Unknow”


"Steal or Be Killed" - Episode 140 - 12/17/47

Steal or Be Killed

Episode 140 - 12/17/47

AKA: "None"

First line: “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all...”

Man steals 4 rings from a jewelry store but when he is caught he hasn't got them.

"Where, Oh Where Has My Mary Gone?" - Episode 141 - 12/24/47

Where, Oh Where Has My Mary Gone?

Episode 141 - 12/24/47

AKA: "Henry Tyler Returns"

First line: “Hello, Harry. How's Dale Avenue's best looking doorman?”

Blackie hears that Henry Tyler, the jewelry racketeer, is back in town. He sends Mary to entice Tyler to pick her up and to learn what she can. Next morning he shows up at Mary’s apartment house, only to find that the doorman Harry and the superintendent Mr. Skylander, don’t know him and have never heard of Mary. To cap it off, a woman named Wanda Bennett is living in apartment 19G instead of Mary. Meanwhile, Tyler is selling a bunch of Stanley watches which have had cheap movements put in them, and has sent his henchman from the Stanley Company away under the assumed name of Jim Lawrence. Even Faraday can’t get the truth out of Miss Bennett or the supervisor.

"The Valuable Door Buzzer" - Episode 142 - 12/31/47

The Valuable Door Buzzer

Episode 142 - 12/31/47

AKA: "The Door Buzzer"

First line: “I think you will enjoy playing...”

Why is a known diamond smuggler bringing into the country a door buzzer and battery set.

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